The Maple Leaf Dock Company

Serving Ontario's homes and cottages

Early shoppers will be rewarded here!

Limited Quantities available, 25% deposit required to secure each item, when they're gone, they're gone! 

PT Brown Sienna Lumber docks.

8'x16' floating dock-Blowout priced @ $3000 (reg.$3500)-3 available -SOLD OUT

8'x20' floating dock-Blowout priced @ $4000 (reg.$4500)-3 available- SOLD OUT

8'x24' floating dock-Blowout priced @ $5000 (reg.$5500)​-3 available - SOLD OUT

Quantities updated as they are sold, delivery prices available upon request.

Hookup hardware available (extra $). Ramps available for the above docks.