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Dock Supplies And installation In Muskoka

100% reclaimed cedar lumber - No pressure treated wood - High quality construction - Extra wide planks

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The Maple Leaf Dock Company is proud to make custom high quality reclaimed cedar docks. Using reclaimed cedar lumber, extra wide 8" planks, and 3" high tensile screws our docks are not only well built, and long-lasting, they are also environmentally friendly.  ​​​​​

Enjoy your dock this summer knowing you made the right decision by purchasing a dock made from reclaimed lumber. Your dock will have unique characteristics to it that shows its reclaimed heritage.

The Maple Leaf Dock Company provides family memories for a lifetime. Spend family time together on your unique, quality reclaimed lumber dock.

For the budget conscious consumer we can also construct your dock from regular Western Red Cedar Lumber which is second only to reclaimed Western Red Cedar Lumber. Regular Western Red Cedar Lumber is an excellent alternative for your dock needs and will save you a few dollars as well in the process. Please email us for a quote today, lumber prices are always fluctuating! The Maple Leaf Dock Company is now offering you the choice of  Western Red Cedar Lumber OR Eastern White Cedar Lumber for your dock build! Eastern white Cedar is grown locally here in Ontario and offers excellent bug and rot resistance similar to what is  found in Western Red Cedar and at a great price! We are also now offering for 2017 regular grade Western Red Cedar Lumber for your dock build, all three, Western Red, Eastern, and reclaimed are excellent choices and far out weigh the properties of pressure treated lumber which we do not use at all. Check our dock pricing page to weigh your options for your new dock, any questions please call or email and we will respond promptly.


custom sizes

Delivery is included in our pricing with some exceptions

Maple Leaf Docks can build your dock in widths up to 8 feet wide and 24 feet long on our site and deliver it to your boat ramp or cottage.

The Maple Leaf Dock Company

Proudly serving cottage country and beyond.

The Maple Leaf Dock Company specializes in quality reclaimed Cedar Docks. 

Have a plan in mind or specific size requirement?

Maple Leaf Docks can custom build your dock on our site and deliver it to your boat ramp in widths up to 8 feet and up to 24 feet in length. Our docks can be customized to your requirements and built at your site.