The Maple Leaf Dock Company

Proudly serving cottage country and beyond.

​The Maple Leaf Dock Company uses 2"x6" cedar planks in all decking and joists for a more durable dock. 

Superior 3"  high tensile screws, and double bracketed corners with all galvanized hardware are also used in all docks to ensure the longevity of your dock. 

No pressure treated wood is used in any of our products. Maple Leaf Dock Company uses 100%  cedar lumber in all our reclaimed docks and regular grade cedar docks. 


Unlike today's cedar lumber, our cedar comes from old growth Western Red Cedar. New growth western red cedar lumber is typically less than 30 years old. Our old growth Western Red Cedar lumber is sometimes up to 100 years old. The older the better as the natural oils that cedar lumber is known for is absorbed into the old lumber for a longer period of time making it a naturally superior product.

Old growth Western Red Cedar Lumber 


Above: Approximately 90 year old cedar tree cross section

​​​​​​​​​Cedar lumber is known to be one of the best choices for a long lasting and beautiful dock. The qualities of cedar is the reason Canadian cities choose cedar lumber for utility poles. As municipalities upgrade their infrastructure, these cedar poles need to be recycled. 

By purchasing a Maple Leaf Dock Company dock made from reclaimed western red cedar you are saving these cedar poles from the landfill and making the right - green choice.

The Maple Leaf Dock Company acquires utility poles from across Ontario and mills them into usable cedar lumber for many different projects. Docks are the main product from our reclaimed cedar lumber.