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​​​​2017 PRICE LIST

Reclaimed Western Red Cedar Docks

Popular models:

8'x16' - $3,850.00 -  8 floats 

8'x20' - $4,800.00 -10 floats

8'x24' - $5,750.00 -12 floats

​8'x28' - $6,750.00 -14 floats

Custom sizes also available,

please contact us for your detailed quote

Western Red Cedar Docks feature:

  • 2"x8" western red cedar deck boards in your choice of material
  • 2"x8" western red cedar deck joists in your choice of material
  • Standard polyethylene foam filled floats with 10 year warranty
  • Standard heavy duty screws come with rust resistant coating and super high tensile strength
  • Standard galvanized corner brackets and ALL fastening hardware
  • Standard galvanized corners inside and outside for extra strength and durability
  • Standard all screw construction, no nails to work their way loose 
  • ​ALL CEDAR construction, no pressure treated frames used for our docks!
  • Upgrade to Bumper floats for an additional cost of $50 per float (picture at bottom of page)

Entrance ramps for your dock:

Reclaimed Lumber                                                                                      

4'x8'   - $950.00

​4'x10' - $1175.00
5'x8'   - $1175.00

5'x10' - $1475.00

All Western Red Cedar entrance ramps include:
Removable walkway sections for winter storage if required
Standard 2"x8" cedar frame construction
Standard galvanized corners and hardware
free silent hinges if purchased with dock ($100 value)

ALL CEDAR construction, no cutting corners with pressure treated frames underneath!

Swim rafts
8'x8' Cedar swim raft                      $2,050.00

  • 4 premium floats
  • Standard 2"x8" cedar frame construction
  • Standard galvanized corners and hardware inside and outside
  • Polyethylene ladders available in straight down or angle configuration

Dock cleats

  6 inch flip up style                          $30.00/each installed

  • white, black or polished aluminum

Solar dock lights                               $25.00/each and up installed
many styles to choose

Heavy duty
Bumper edge guard                          $60.00/10 feet installed

  • "P" strip style available in grey, black, or white
  • installed with stainless steel screw hardware.

Dock ladders
  4 step poly ladder                           $250.00 installed

  5 step sandstone angle type         $300.00 installed (see picture below)
  Many different ladder options also available.

Anchor blocks                                   $125.00 each installed (chain extra)

Heavy Duty Chain

Anchor Brackets                               $35.00/bracket installed

Heavy duty silent hinges                 $50.00/each installed (2 pcs. required per dock)



Poly solar dock light for star like pattern.

NEW FOR 2017!

8'x16' Reclaimed Cedar Dock with skirt package.

8'x16' - $2850 - 8 floats

​8'x20' - $3550 - 10 floats

​8'x24' - $4250 - 12 floats​

​8'x28' - $4950 - 14 floats

Aluminum solar dock light.

8'x16' - $3350 - 8 floats

8'x20' - $4200 - 10 floats

8'x24' - $5000 - 12 floats

8'x28' - $5825 - 14 floats

Dock cleats available in white or polished aluminum.

4'x8'   - $600.00

4'x10' - $750.00​

5'x8'   - $750.00

5'x10' - $900.00

Add a premium 5step Poly ladder to your dock for $300 installed.


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8'x16 footReclaimed Cedar Dock with 4'x7'ramp.

4'x8'   - $800.00

4'x10' - $1000.00

5'x8'   - $1000.00

5'x10' - $1250.00

NEW FOR 2017!